If you wish to change your Government then you must have a Revolution to overthrow the current government.

The Revolution will cost you gold  Gold small and your towns will go into Anarchy until the new Government can gain control.

Gold costs

It will cost you 5,000 Gold small times the total number of cities that you own.

Amount of Anarchy gained

It will cause ALL of your towns, including your capital, to go into Anarchy that will last for (30 times the total number of cities that you own) in minutes.

This can be prevented if you have your Palaces/Governor's Residences one (1) level higher than what is normally required for that town's level, before you change your form of government.

Table of Gold costs and Anarchy lengths

Number of Cities owned Cost: Length of Anarchy
1 5,000 Gold small 30 minutes
2 10,000 Gold small 1 hour
3 15,000 Gold small 1 hour 30 minutes
4 20,000 Gold small 2 hours
5 25,000 Gold small 2 hours 30 minutes
6 30,000 Gold small 3 hours
7 35,000 Gold small 3 hours 30 minutes
8 40,000 Gold small 4 hours
9 45,000 Gold small 4 hours 30 minutes
10 50,000 Gold small 5 hours
11 55,000 Gold small 5 hours 30 minutes
12 60,000 Gold small 6 hours
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