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Sulphur WP [1] or Sulfur WP [2] Sulphur/Sulfur can be used for:


  1. A Firework Test Area decreases sulphur costs for all of these uses, except for Miracle donations, by 1% per level in the town it is built in.
  2. An Alchemist's Tower increases the sulphur production of a Sulphur pit by 2% per level in the town it is built in.
    • The Ikariam Plus sulphur production bonus is a separate process and does not affect the bonus from the Alchemist's Tower.

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  1. This is a 'traditional' spelling in the UK / Great Britain / United Kingdom / United Kingdom and Northern Ireland / United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EN and India / Republic of India / भारत गणराज्य / Bhārat Gaṇarājya IN.
    This is an 'alternative' spelling in Canada CA, Australia / Commonwealth of Australia AU and New Zealand / Aotearoa NZ.
    This is considered to be 'non-standard' in scientific contexts, as the IUPAC WP has only approved the spelling 'sulfur'.
  2. This is the spelling used in the US / USA / United States / United States of America US and many other countries.