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Ambrosia benefits are actvated for a period of seven days. Several benefits have a different cost.

Premium account - This gives several benefits. It costs 10 Ambrosia per 7 days. You will get acces to a building queue in every city you own. This means you can have up to three additional buildings on standby, they will automatically be constructed if the current building is finished (provided you have enough resources of course).
It also upgrades your four advisors to give better overviews of their respective information. (need screenshots here).
Enhanced resource gathering - This will give you 20% additional resources of the type you specify. The costs are dependant on the type of resource. Building material costs 10 Ambrosia per 7 days, marble costs 8 Ambrosia per 7 days, sulphur costs 3 Ambrosia per 7 days, crystal costs 5 Ambrosia per 7 days and wine costs 5 Ambrosia per 7 days. This can be activated per resource type, so you can decide which one you want to activate or not.
Improved anti-theft security - This costs 14 Ambrosia per 7 days. It will double the amount of resources that cannot be pillaged from your warehouse (not the total storage capacity).
Resource trader - You can trade all goods (including building material) 1 on 1. This can be done in each city even if you don't have a trading post. This costs 3 Ambrosia per trade, regardless of the total amount traded.
Archive mail - Costs 1 Ambrosia per mail. Archived messages will be stored longer then normally.
Hire trading ships - When transporting goods (not when trading via trading post, or when sending troops) you can hire up to 160 additional ships. This costs 5 Ambrosia regardless of the number of ships you hire.

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I think we need to add screenshots of the premium features. The in-game preview pictures arent that good. Jeahra (talk) 09:51, September 23, 2012 (UTC)