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Shows links to Alternate language ikariam wiki's in Wikia's network using this format:

{{Alt-Lang|LC1|P1|LC2|P2|LC3|P3|LC4|P4|LC5|P5|. . .|LC66|P66|LC67|P67|LC68|P68|LC69|P69|LC70|P70}}

LC1 - 70
Language code
P1 - 70
Page-name for language code - You must have a pagename or a blank space if there is no pagename (this will link to the main page of that wiki), before you put the next language code.
{{Alt-Lang|ar|blank space|el|blank space}} or {{Alt-Lang|ar| |el| }} will produce

The parameter |altlink= can be used to override the current page-name that the the template is on.

This is mainly used if you want a link for specific section of the page.

{{Alt-Lang|ar|blank space|eg|blank space|altlink=Usage}} or {{Alt-Lang|ar| |el| |altlink=Usage}} will produce

{{Alt-Lang}} will automatically add the article to a language category.

This feature can be disabled if you add doc= as a parameter (preferably the last parameter).



This template uses 2 sub-templates {{Alt-Lang/Flag}} and {{Alt-Lang/Cat}}.

{{Alt-Lang/Flag}} checks to make sure the language coded entered is a valid code (assigned to the template) and displays the link that appear before the flags as well as the flags.
Adds the actual language codes to the pages, even if doc= is used.
Add the categories to the page, unless doc= is used.

Valid language codes on this wiki

This template uses a combination of the ISO 639  wp (-1 wp -2 wp -3 wp and/or -5 wp) language codes wp found on Wikipedia  wp.

External Wiki links

Internal Wiki links


Example 1

If you were to use all of the valid language codes you would use this {{Alt-Lang|ar|'|bg|'|de|'|el|'|es|'|fi|'|fr|'|he|'|hu|'|it|'|nl|'|pl|'|pt|'|pt-br|'|ro|'|ru|'|sr|'|sv|sv|vi|'|zh|'|zh-hant|'}} to get this:

Example 2

If you use a code that has not been put into the template (example: A new language wiki that has been started but not been entered and linked to), you will get get an error message! We will use kk for this example:

Example 3

If you use a code that is supposed to represent one of the English languges has not been put into the template (examples: En, Eng, En-Us, En-Gb), you will get a different error message! We will use en and En-Gb for this example):

Example 4

If you use more than 100 language codes, then you will get a error message letting you know that 100 is the maximum number of codes allowed in the template
For this example we will use 10 of each of the following language codes: ar, bg, de, el, es, fi, fr, he, hu, it, and nl

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