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There are several other templates with similar stream formatting purposes and such (or related) functionality:

  • {{·}} – bold middot or "·" or (·), mostly used for dotted lists
  • {{}} / {{••}} / {{bull}} / {{bull2}} – used for bullet separated lists
  • {{-•}} / {{-bull}} – creates a line break, bullet and non-breaking space, equivalent to the HTML markup: <br/>&bull;&nbsp;
  • {{ndash}} – en dash or "–", a short dash
  • {{mdash}} – em dash or "—", a long dash
  • {{\}} – for the occasional slash or "/" in lists
  • {{••}} / {{bull2}} / {{bullet2}} – same kind of bullet, but it "sticks" before a list item, instead of after a list item; useful in navigation lists, so the links are prefixed by an attached bullet when wrapping occurs, instead of creating lines with hanging bullets at the lines ends, with the next lines beginning sans a lead bullet.

Wrap control templates:

  • When making dotted lists, you might need to handle proper word wrapping (line breaking):
    • {{nowraplinks}} – Prevents wraps inside links and only allows wraps between the links and in normal text, very useful for link lists and easy to use.
    • {{nowrap begin}} – Prevents wraps in both text and links. For the really tricky wrapping cases when you need full control, for instance in very complex link lists.
  • For further information, see: Line break handling – The how-to guide detailing how to handle line wrapping on Wikipedia.


  • {{}} – creates the the HTML markup sequence '&nbsp;&bull; '. (Note the plain 'regular' space and the non-break spaces on the flanks of both sides.)
    aka: {{bull}}
  • {{••}} – this {{••}} / {{bull2}} template is similar to {{}}, but reverses the order of '&nbsp;' with the corresponding 'regular space' on either side of the bullet (•), so wraps at any given lines end with list data a bit differently.
    aka: {{bull2}}
  • {{-}} – use this template after any floating elements and before elements you do not wish to float together with the first set.
    aka: <br style="clear: all;" />

Dot size reference list

Output HTML effect name How-to
(Code to implement)
· small middot <small>&middot;</small>
· small bold middot <small>'''&middot;'''</small>
· middot &middot;
· bold middot '''&middot;'''
small bullet <small>&bull;</small> or <small>{{bull}}</small>
small bold bullet <small>'''&bull;'''</small> or <small>'''{{bull}}'''</small>
bullet &bull;or {{bull}}
bold bullet '''&bull;''' or '''{{Bull}}'''
ndash &ndash;

mdash &mdash;