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{{For|topic|link 1|link 2| . . .|link 9|link 10|l1=text for link 1|l2=text for link 2| . . . |l9=text for link 9|l10=text for link 10}}

topic (Optional)
The Topic, for which you are showing additional links
Defaults to "other uses" if no topic is given
link 1 (Required!)
A link for topic
link 2 - 10 (Optional)
Additional links for topic
l1 - l10 (Optional)
Alternate text to be displayed instead of link 1 - 10


{{For| |Test 1}} produces

{{For|TEST 2| }} produces

{{For|TEST 3|Test 3}} produces

{{For|TEST 1|Test 4}} produces

{{For|TEST 2|Test 1|Test 5}} produces

{{For|TEST 2|Test 1|Test 2|Test 6}} produces

{{For|TEST 7|Test 1|Test 2|l1=test 0}} produces

{{For|TEST 8|Test 1|Test 2|l1=test 0|l2=test}} produces

{{For|TEST 9|Test 1|Test 2|Test 3|Test 4|Test 5|Test 6|Test 7|Test 8|Test 9|Test 10}} produces

{{For|TEST 10|Test 1|Test 2|Test 3|Test 4|Test 5|Test 6|Test 7|Test 8|Test 9|Test 10|Test 11}} produces

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