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Adds the Building Image Url, from the game, for the image



BuildingImageName (Required) - The name of the building image.


{{IslandBuildingURL|img_marble.jpg}} produces

Image URL:

s# - The server #.  Such as:

s1 for Alpha Alpha (s1)
s10 for Kappa Kappa (s10)
s20 for Upsilon Ypsilon (s20)
s30 for Dionysus Dionysos (s30)
s40 for Poseidon Poseidon (s40)
s49 for Cerberus Kerberos (s49)

cc - The community country code.  Such as:

ae for Ae AE
br for Br BR
en for Gb EN
fr for Fr FR
gr for Gr GR
it for It IT
pt for Pt PT
us for Us US

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