This template uses 2 sub-templates {{Locked/Sysop}} and {{Locked/Registered}} to display the specific locked message if the page is locked.

This template can be placed by ANYONE on any and all pages if you wish with {{locked}}.

Administrators should add their name as the 1st parameter so that we know who locked the page {{Locked|Name}}.

If the page is not locked you will see nothing on the page - do not remove the template if this occurs - it hurts nothing and takes up no space.
If the page is locked then the template will display 1 of 2 tags depending on the level of protection applied to the page:

If the page is fully locked, then you will see:
If the page is partialy locked, the you will see:

This template will auto-cateogrize the pages according to the level of protection (only if it is protected).

If you do not wish this to happen then add doc= as the last parameter to {{locked|doc=}} or {{locked|Name|doc=}}.