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|group2 = {{Mil}}
|group2 = {{Mil}}
|list2 = {{Navbox
|list2 = {{Researches/Mil|child}}
|image = [[Image:Military.jpg|100px|Military research]]
|liststyle = text-align: center; background: lightpink
|listclass = hlist
|group1 =
|list1 = [[Research:Dry-Dock|Dry-Dock]]{{bull}} [[Research:Maps|Maps]]{{bull}} [[Research:Professional Army|Professional Army]]{{bull}} [[Research:Siege|Siege]]{{bull}} [[Research:Code of Honour|Code of Honour]]{{bull}} [[Research:Ballistics|Ballistics]]{{bull}} [[Research:Law of the Lever|Law of the Lever]]{{bull}} [[Research:Governor|Governor]]{{bull}} [[Research:Pyrotechnics|Pyrotechnics]]{{bull}} [[Research:Logistics|Logistics]]{{bull}} [[Research:Gunpowder|Gunpowder]]{{bull}} [[Research:Robotics|Robotics]]{{bull}} [[Research:Canon Casting|Canon (Cannon) Casting]]
|group2 = <span class=mil>&nbsp;[[Research:Militaristic Future|Militaristic&nbsp;Future]]'s&nbsp;</span>
|list2 = [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 1)|1]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 2)|2]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 3)|3]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 4)|4]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 5)|5]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 6)|6]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 7)|7]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 8)|8]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 9)|9]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 10)|10]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 11)|11]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 12)|12]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 13)|13]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 14)|14]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 15)|15]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 16)|16]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 17)|17]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 18)|18]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 19)|19]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 20)|20]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 21)|21]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 22)|22]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 23)|23]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 24)|24]]{{bull}} [[Research:Militaristic Future (Level 25)|25]]
}}<!-- End of Military Navbox -->
|group3 = {{Sci}}
|group3 = {{Sci}}

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Place on every research page using this format {{Researches|Research name}}
This template will place the page into the Research name Research category. If you do not want this to happen then you need to use {{Researches|Research name|doc=}}


Use {{Researches|Seafaring}} to produce

Other Seafaring researches

Use {{Researches|Economy}} to produce

Other Economy researches

Use {{Researches|Science}} to produce

Other Science researches

Use {{Researches|Military}} to produce

Other Military researches

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