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This places the Resource Source table on a page.



Resource can be Wine, Crystal, Sulphur or Marble
doc= prevents the template from placing the article into Category:Resources.

{{ResourceTable|wine}} produces

Expansion details

Below are the costs to upgrade each level of the luxury resource on the Wine island.

Note: The time it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula:

$ { Build ~time ~in ~seconds = ( \frac { 14400 } { 1 } \times 1.1 ^ { Level } - 14400 ) } $
$ { ~rounded ~to ~the ~nearest ~whole ~second } $

Due to the large number of templates and mouse-over tool-tips used to display the information on this building, we are breaking this building's expansion levels down into groups of 3, instead of the normal grouping of 10.

Other Resources

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