Alpha Alpha (s1) is Active in 18 communities.

Alpha AlphaC (s1c) is Closed in 10 communities.
Alpha AlphaE (s1e) is Merged in 17 communities.

If there were no closed nor merged communities then there would be a total of 45 Alpha AlphaT (s1t) communities.

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This template is used to display the total number of communities with this server still active / open.


These and other usage options are transcluded from the sub-template Template:S1count/Names

{{S1count|link=|c=link-color}} or {{Alphacount |link=|c=link-color}}

(Optional) - Makes the number display as a link back to {{S1count}}
(Optional) - Changes the color of the link (Requires the link= parameter before it will work)


{{S1count}} produces 18
{{S1count|c=red}} produces 18
{{S1count|link= }} produces 18
{{S1count|link=|c=red}} produces 18
{{S1count|link=|c=#909}} produces 18

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