Lips Lips (s37) is Active / Open in 10 Communities

Statistical information

  • The Lips world makes up:
  • Lips is active in 10 communities.   Lips was closed in Template:S37Ccount communities and merged in Template:S37Ecount communities.
    This means that there would have been a TOTAL of Template:S37Tcount Lips servers if none of them were Closed nor Merged.
    • These active communities / servers represent:
      • 31.25 % of the 32 grand-total number of communities.
      • 5.291 % of the 189 total Greek immortal deities servers.
      • 2.3923 % of the 418 player accessible servers, excluding the specialty (Speed, Test and War) servers.
      • 2.2124 % of the 452 total player accessible servers.
      • 2.193 % of the 456 grand total number of all of the world servers.
    • Each individual community that has the Lips server is 10 % of the group of 10 .
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This template is used to display the total number of communities with this server still active / open.


These and other usage options are transcluded from the sub-template Template:S1count/Names

{{S37count|link=|c=link-color}} or {{Lipscount|link=|c=link-color}}

(Optional) - Makes the number display as a link back to {{S37count}}
(Optional) - Changes the color of the link (Requires the link= parameter before it will work)


{{S37count}} produces 10
{{S37count|c=red}} produces 10
{{S37count|link= }} produces 10
{{S37count|link=|c=red}} produces 10
{{S37count|link=|c=#909}} produces 10

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