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Usage description

Add this template to the bottom of ALL server categories using:

{{Servers|regional, world or language|region=Regional name|subregion=Sub-regional name
|type=Active, Other or Future|subtype=Alphabet, Immortals or Mortals|category1 - category20|no1 - no20=|doc=}}

regional,world or language

(Required on ALL!) - Determines the specific sub-template to display
(Regional servers only) - Opens up the specific Regional sub-template and is displayed in the heading display (Optional - If you do not want any specific region to be opened for displayed) example: region=North America
(Regional servers only) - Displayed, only, in the heading display (Optional) example: subregion=US
(World servers only) - Determines the specific type of servers to be displayed (Optional if you do not want any specific type to be opened for display)
(World servers - Future type only) - Displayed in the heading display (Optional if you do not want the Alphabet subtype to be opened for display) example: subtype=Immortals
category1 - category20
(ALL servers) - You can add up to 20 server categories to the page, but, do NOT include the word server, except in special cases!
example: English for Category:English servers
  • If you need additional categories then add the sub-template {{Servers/Cat|Category1| . . . |Category100}}
no1 - no20=
(ALL servers) - Prevents the template from automatically placing the article/category into the category that is specific to that parameter number (example: no1= would prevent it from being placed into the Regional, World or Language main category) (Optional)
(ALL servers) - Prevents the template from automatically placing the article into the following Categories:
Category:Servers, Category:World servers, Category:Regional servers, Category:Language servers and any of the category1-20 categories if they are specified (Optional)

Usage examples

{{Servers|Regional}} for the headings of the Regional categories

{{Servers|Regional|region=regional name}} to open the specific Regional servers

{{Servers|World}} for the headings of the World servers

{{Servers|World|type=Active}} to open the Alpha, Beta, etc ... servers

{{Servers|Language}} for the Language categories


No server type listed

{{Servers}} will produce:

Other servers

Missing parameter! Please add World, Regional or Language as the 1st parameter in the {{Servers}} template. (ex. {{Servers|World}} )

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