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  • This template is for creating soft redirect(s), that is to say, short pages inviting readers to visit another page or pages (Can not be performed with a classical redirect due to technical restrictions)
  • This template is also used to redirect an entry to a special page (hard redirects have been disabled)
  • For redirecting categories,
    use  {{Category redirect}}  instead
  • For all other redirects within the wiki,
    please continue to use #REDIRECT [[Article name]]
  • For redirects to other Wikia wiki's (highly not recommended),
    you can use #REDIRECT [[ name:Article name]]

This places tagged pages in Category:Redirected pages, Category:Soft redirected pages and

  1. Category:Single soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect}}, {{Soft redirect1}} or {{Single soft redirect}}
  2. Category:Double soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect2}} or {{Double soft redirect}}
  3. Category:Triple soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect3}} or {{Triple soft redirect}}
  4. Category:Quadruple soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect4}} or {{Quadruple soft redirect}}
  5. Category:Quintuple soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect5}} or {{Quintuple soft redirect}}
  6. Category:Sextuple soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect6}} or {{Sextuple soft redirect}}
  7. Category:Heptuple soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect7}} or {{Heptuple soft redirect}}
  8. Category:Octuple soft redirected pages if you use {{Soft redirect8}} or {{Octuple soft redirect}}


{{Soft redirect|target|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect2|target|target 2|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect3|target|target 2|target 3|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect4|target|target 2|target 3|target 4|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect5|target|target 2|target 3|target 4|target 5|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect6|target|target 2|target 3|target 4|target 5|target 6|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect7|target|target 2|target 3|target 4|target 5|target 6|target 7|doc= }}

{{Soft redirect8|target|target 2|target 3|target 4|target 5|target 6|target 7|target 8|doc= }}

Keeps the templates from auto-categorizing.


{{Soft redirect|test}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect2|test|test2}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect3|test|test2|test3}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect4|test|test2|test3|test4}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect5|test|test2|test3|test4|test5}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect6|test|test2|test3|test4|test5|test6}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect7|test|test2|test3|test4|test5|test6|test7}} will produce:

{{Soft redirect8|test|test2|test3|test4|test5|test6|test7|test8}} will produce:

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