A template link with a variable number of example parameters (0 - 100), which can be used to show example inputs.

This template uses the sub-template {{T/piece}} to show the parameters in grey.



See also

  • {{tlp}} – Template link, with up to eight parameters.
  • {{tlx}} – Template link, up to three parameters and interwiki links.
  • {{tlsp}} – Template link, ditto subst'ed.
  • {{lts}} – See Lts discussion for more variants.
  • {{tlu}} – Like {{tl}} / {{tlp}} for any namespace.
  • {{tn}} – Same as tl, but shows the braces as part of the link.
  • {{evd}} – Show live example
  • {{tlc}}, {{tld}} and {{tlf}} – Template names without links.
  • {{tltt}} and {{tltt2}} – Template link with tooltip, with no and one parameter respectively.
  • {{tlrow}} - For showing templates and their properties in a table

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