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Adds an Advance mouse-over tool-tip to specific text.


{{TTipA|text|tool-tip content}}

(Required) - The text that you want the tool-tip to appear on when you mouse over it.
tool-tip content
(Required) - The content that you want to see when you mouse-over the specified text. (can be images, tables, or short pages -- if you show a page and it is too long then you will only see the bottom portion of that page)


Example 1

Use {{TTipA|Academy|File:Academy l.png}} to produce:
Academy l

Example 2

| Town hall
| {{Building
     | image        = Town hall l.png
     | function     = Increases [[#Housing space|housing space]]<br 
       />Increases [[File:Action small.gif|20px|Action Point]] [[#Action points|action points]]<br 
       />Increases [[File:GarLimLand.gif|20px|Land Garrison Limit]] Land [[Garrison limit#Land limit|garrison limit]]
     | requirements = '''None'''
     | expansion    = {{Wood}} and {{Marble}}
     }}<!-- End of Building template -->
to produce:
Town hall
Town hall
Town hall l

Standard Building

Increases housing space
Increases Action small action points
Increases GarLimLand Land garrison limit
Expansion requirements:
Wood small and Marble small
Use requirements:

Example 3

Use {{TTipA|Palace|{{:Building:Palace}} }} to produce:

Palace l

Standard Building

Expansion ( Seafaring )
Expansion requirements:
Wood small Wine small Marble small Crystal small and Sulphur small
Use requirements:
1,250 Wood small, 9,000 Gold small and 40 Icon citizen
for each colony you may establish

Building Information

The Palace is an excellent place to lead your empire into the future! It also provides a gorgeous view onto the sea. Every expansion of your capital's palace allows you to set up a further colony and the prospect of another luxury good to harvest.

Special notes:

  • If you move your Capital by converting a Governor's Residence into a Palace, the Palace that was in your original Capital will be completely destroyed!
    • You will have to build a Governor's Residence, in place of the destroyed Palace and back up to the same level that the Palace was in order to get the corruption back down to 0.
  • Corruption may increase in your Palace and/or Colonies because of certain governments. To prevent this from occurring, simply upgrade your Palace and/or Governor's residence up one additional level.
    • This will not work if these buildings are already at level 11, as this is their hard cap or maximum level that can be built.

Expansion Details

The time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula: $ { \text{Building time (seconds)} = \left \lbrack 11,520 \times 1.4 ^ \text{Level} \right \rbrack } $

The accumulative time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade up to the next level is determined by the following formula: $ { \text{Accumulative building time (seconds)} = \left \lbrack 40,320 \times \left (\ 1.4^\text{Level} -\ 1\ \right ) \right \rbrack} $

Other Standard Buildings

This is an example of using a page that is too long for the tool-tip.

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