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Used to show the Unit Training Time with mouse-over tool-tips.



Days to train (Will not be used at the present time unless you show the time to train many units at one time)
Hours to train
Minutes to train
Seconds to train

Example 1

If you set any setting to a non numerical value you will get an error

{{UTTime|s=A}} produces

??h ??m ??s

{{UTTime|m=?}} produces

??h ??m ??s

Example 2

{{UTTime|s=30}} produces

30 s

{{UTTime|s=70}} produces

1 m 10 s

{{UTTime|s=180}} produces

3 m

{{UTTime|s=245}} produces

4 m 5 s


This template uses the sub-templates:

  1. {{BTime/Converter}} - To figure out any increases or decreases in total seconds, before going to the rest of the sub-templates.
  2. {{BTime/Years}} - To figure out if there are any Years (Y) to be displayed.
    Years will displayed in red if they exist.
    This template uses 365.2425 days in a year, in its calculations.
  3. {{BTime/Months}} - To determine if there are any Months (M) to be displayed.
    This template uses 30 days in a month, in its calculations.
    1 through 6 months will be displayed in green if they exist.
    7 through 11 months will be displayed in orange if they exist.
  4. {{BTime/Days}} - To determine if there are any Days (D) to be displayed.
    This templates uses 24 hours in a day, in its calculations.
    15 through 29 days will be displayed in blue.
  5. {{BTime/Hours}} - To determine if there are any Hours (h) to be displayed
    This templates uses 60 minutes in a hour, in its calculations.
  6. {{BTime/Minutes}} - To determine if there are any Minutes (m) to be displayed.
    This templates uses 60 seconds in a minute, in its calculations.
  7. {{BTime/Total}} to do the actual printout of how long the unit will take to train.

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