Adds a Wikipedia WP link with indicator and mouse-over tool-tip to the page


{{WPL|site code:<language code:Wikimedia page|alternate-text}}

site code:
(Optional) - The wikimedia site you wish to link
Example: {{WPL|wikt:}} will give you the Wiktionary WP site
Default: Wikipedia WP site
language code:
(Optional) - The wikimedia language site you wish to link
Example: {{WPL|es:}} will give you the Spanish WP Wikipedia site
Default: English WP Wikipedia site
Wikimedia page
(Semi-Required) - The actual wikimedia page name that you wish to link
Eexample: {{WPL|Spanish language}} will give you Spanish language WP
Default: Main Page WP
(optional) - The text to be displayed in place of the wikimedia page link
Example: {{WPL|Spanish language|Spanish}} will give you Spanish WP
Default: Spanish language WP
You can use them in combination with each other as well
Example: {{WPL|wikt:pt:Apollo|Portuguese Wiktionary page for Apollo}} will give you Portuguese Wiktionary page for Apollo WP
You can use no parameters, if you do not know what to use
Example: {{WPL}} will give you Wikipedia WP