• I live in Belgium
  • I was born on December 25
  • I am male

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en- 3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of English. It could be in any or all of the following dialects:
1. Australian English (en-au-3)
2. Canadian English (en-ca)
3. British English (en-gb-3 / en-uk-3)
4. New Zealand English (en-nz-3)
5. American English (en-us-3)
fr- 2 This user can contribute with a intermediate level of French. It could be in any or all of the following dialects:
 1. African French (fr-af-2)
 2. Belgian French (fr-be-2)
 3. Canadian French (fr-ca-2)
 4. Swiss French (fr-ch-2)
 5. France French (fr-fr-2)
 6. Indian French (fr-in-2)
 7. Cambodian French (fr-kh-2)
 8. Laos French (fr-la-2)
 9. American French (fr-us-2)
10. Vietnam French (fr-vn-2)
Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire de Français. Il pourrait être en tout ou partie les dialectes suivants:
 1. Français Africaine (fr-af-2)
 2. Française de Belgique (fr-be-2)
 3. Canadien Français (fr-ca-2)
 4. Swiss Français (fr-ch-2)
 5. France Français (fr-fr-2)
 6. Français Indien (fr-in-2)
 7. Cambodge Français (fr-kh-2)
 8. Laos Français (fr-la-2)
 9. Français Américaine (fr-us-2)
10. Vietnam Français (fr-vn-2)
de-1 This user is able to contribute with a Basic level of German.
Dieser Benutzer ist in der Lage, mit einem grundlegenden grundlegenden Level der deutschen Sprache zu kommunizieren.
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About me


I'm Alboltdrogo, sysop on the Dutch WikIkariam. For any questions, please visit my Talk page. I play Ikariam since 14th of April 2008. I play in four worlds on ikariam.NL. I also play on testserver and I'm Board Moderator on board.ikariam.NL.

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