I live in the UK 27 miles from London into which I commute each day for Work.

I play on the Gamma world, and think it's great. Doesn't take up too much time which means I can check it before work, during lunch, and after work when I go out (Or after I come back from the pub).

I now have 5 towns, and just got rid of corruption in all but the new one.

My Town levels are 19,18,18,18 and 16.

I am an IT professional working in London, and write programs for fun in my spare time (This does make me sound like a geek doesn't it?).

I maintain a website for a London Rock band, and run my own business in whats left of my spare time.

I spend a lot of time around the local Music scene, and I'm a regular at the various Vampyre group meetings in London. I'm hoping to get some Fangs done soon... (The moulds of my teeth have been taken)... Lol...

I currently play these games:

I have a huge DVD collection, and my music collection is growing so I spend what little time is left indulging myself in those.

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