fr- N This user is a native speaker of French. It could be in any or all of the following dialects:
 1. African French (fr-af-N)
 2. Belgian French (fr-be-N)
 3. Canadian French (fr-ca-N)
 4. Swiss French (fr-ch-N)
 5. France French (fr-fr-N)
 6. Indian French (fr-in-N)
 7. Cambodian French (fr-kh-N)
 8. Laos French (fr-la-N)
 9. American French (fr-us-N)
10. Vietnam French (fr-vn-N)
Cet utilisateur est un locuteur natif de la langue Français. Il pourrait être en tout ou partie les dialectes suivants:
 1. Français Africaine (fr-af-N)
 2. Française de Belgique (fr-be-N)
 3. Canadien Français (fr-ca-N)
 4. Swiss Français (fr-ch-N)
 5. France Français (fr-fr-N)
 6. Français Indien (fr-in-N)
 7. Cambodge Français (fr-kh-N)
 8. Laos Français (fr-la-N)
 9. Français Américaine (fr-us-N)
10. Vietnam Français (fr-vn-N)
en- 4 This user can contribute with a professional level of English. It could be in any or all of the following dialects:
1. Australian English (en-au-4)
2. Canadian English (en-ca-4)
3. British English (en-gb-4 / en-uk-4)
4. New Zealand English (en-nz-4)
5. American English (en-us-4)
de-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of German.
Dieser Benutzer ist in der Lage, mit einem fortgeschrittenen Niveau der deutschen Sprache zu kommunizieren.
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I have been playing Ikariam for over 3 years now, in the France

France / French Republic / République française
France / French Republic / République française

community, on the Kappa

s10 / Kappa
s10 / Kappa

server and have been enjoying it more and more every day!

I love playing with formulas and the economic development in the game is what I prefer the most !