Main usages
Increasing happiness


Wine Wine can be used for:

  • Distribution from the Tavern for a happiness bonus. Your amount of wine Wine served per hour determines the value of the bonus; larger Taverns allow serving more Wine.
    • When being distributed, 1/3rd of your hourly ration is consumed every 20 minutes: at HH:00:00, HH:20:00 and HH:40:00 (server time). One full hour's ration is taken whenever you change the Wine amount served in the Tavern. [1]
  • Training of Cooks at the Barracks.
  • Expansion the Palace and Governor's Residence (Level 4 and higher).
  • Cost of Decoys used for spying
  • Donations to the Miracle on non-wine islands.

Other information

  • A Wine Press decreases Wine Wine costs for all of these uses, except for Miracle donations, by 1% per level in the town it is built in.


  1. If wine is being consumed in the Tavern, the amount of wine displayed for the city's resources is not always reliable. This is because the deduction from the wine consumption in the Tavern is not automatically updated. A browser refresh or new page view will display the current amount.

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